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About Leadx Removals

When selecting a company to undertake the relocation of your household or office possessions, you shouldn’t rush your decision. Leadx Removals has always taken the responsibility of packing and transporting household and office items and equipment for homeowners and property owners intending to relocate. Our services are always reliable and regardless of your requirements, we can always adjust our schedule to ensure that the relocation process doesn’t inconvenience your operations.

Leadx Removals stated offering excellent house removals in Cambridge in 2007. Over the years, we have been making strategic decisions to ensure that offer the highest possible level of client satisfaction to all our clients. We always focus on making sure that all our clients’ requirements are taken into account in the process of offering outstanding services. At Leadx Removals, all our efforts and resources are channelled towards making sure that all the residents of Cambridge get perfect house removals, office removals, and rubbish removal services.

We are a fully registered company operating according to the strict laws and regulations governing the business industry in the UK. Besides, we have acquired a number of accreditations and industry memberships. Note that we have quality assurance accreditation (ISO9001:2015). This is an internationally accepted quality standard. Our company is regularly audited by British Standard Institute and that ensures that we maintain high standards necessary for the membership.

Leadx Removals is also a member of the British Association of Removers. That means our services, processes, and the equipment we use in the process of delivering our services meet the code of practice set by this organization. The residents of Cambridge who opt to work with us can rest assured to the best house removals in Cambridge.

At Leadx Removals, we also provide office removals in Cambridge. We have a professional team of office removers. These individuals are highly experienced and have great knowledge regarding office removal activities. Can perfectly pack all your office equipment and transport it to your new office. They know how to handle different office equipment even the most delicate one. Given their experience in this industry and their exceptional willingness to help our clients, you can rest assured of getting the best services from us.

We are a company that offers timely services and affordable removal services. Our employees don’t waste time and regardless the complexity and the scope of the project, we will ensure that everything is done within the given timeline. We are flexible too and can allow you to relocate in the evenings or during weekends. This ensures minimal disruptions to your daily activities as well as business operations.

Leadx Removals is a fully licensed company operating legally within the United Kingdom. Whenever you require excellent services, contact us and we will avail our services. One good thing about our services is that you don’t need to pay too much.

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